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Web Design

Just having a website can not help the business to grow, it has to attract a visitor and turn it into a customer. Designing the website with new methods and using the visitor analytics, in order to optimize your visual business is our main goal in HashtBit.

Mobile App Design

Having an mobile app for your services is neccessary for keeping customers in touch with your online business. We can design and Develop IOS, Android and Windows apps for your business.

Web Design Consultancy

Based on many years of experiance achieved by our team, we can improve your business in global web market. We can give you the best solutions for your website, social marketing, SEO and optimization, and more business methods.

SEO and Optimization

After reviewing the website and gathering SEO reports, we will provide methods for optimizating the website. In fact the best and less expensive method to attract visitors and increase the vists is to optimize and see the results clearly after a few months.

کمپین تبلیغات و بازار یابی اینترنتی
Digital Marketing

Online branding is not achieved unless you start your own online campaign and focus on your social and digital marketing. Branding is the most best method of attracting visitors and turning them into loyal customers. 

پیاده سازی سیستم های سازمانی
Enterprise Systems

Large orginizations need more IT support on their physical and virtual technology. With our various range of experts, HashtBit is ready to support large orginizations with all the power in IT solutions.

  • About Us

    IT Solutions

    HashtBit is a new born team, organized by individual experts with more that 15 years of experiance. The most reason that our customers trust in choosing us is the bright and brilliant record of the team directors.

  • Our Mission

    What We Think

    Our mission is programmed on two important bases; first the short-term mission which is to satisfy our customers on prividing good services. On the other hand, our long-term mission is become an international company with providing varient services for the global market.

  • Our Choice

    Ask Us For Engineering Solutions

    Creativity is not enough, one needs to equip their online business with world-class technology and follow international standards. Our team is constantly updating its knowledge and equipment in order to provide solutions for our employers according to the future view of technology.

Business processes

We are with you by designing and implementing new ideas in the field of digital business and facilitating your administrative, industrial and commercial processes.


A good idea is the first step in launching a successful business.


System Analysis

Even the best ideas need to be analyzed and market estimated for development.


Design & Develop

Designing and developing ideas requires a strong team to implement precisely.



After the design and development, the system must be tested and possible bugs should be fixed.

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