Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For optimizing your website and making sure to come to a satisfaction point of viewwers, be sure to find the right partner. Be aware of the black-hat SEO agancies, and choose wisely.

What is Black-hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is most commonly defined as a disapproved practice that nevertheless could increase a page’s ranking in a search engine result page (SERP). These practices are against the search engine’s terms of service and can result in the site being banned from the search engine and affiliate sites. A list of tactics and strategies employed by black hat SEO practitioners have been openly denounced on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines.

White-hat SEO

White hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO. Generally, white hat SEO refers to any practice that improves your search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines’ terms of service. These tactics stay within the bounds as defined by Google.

Off Page

  • Link Building

On Page

  • Speed Improvement

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Advanced Analysis

  • Content Optimization